Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blog: Reactivate

With the Big Ten Media Days starting this afternoon, it's time to awake the blog from its off-season hibernation and start to gear up for the impending football season. In the next few days / weeks leading up to the season, we have a while you were away post summarizing off-season doings, some discussion of adjustments I'm going to make to my version of the Golden rankings, overview-type previews of assorted teams on Michigan's schedule, along with some general thoughts about the outlook for different BCS conferences, some random musings on future schedules, and perhaps another installment of The List.

For now, a hype video made from our spring game, which made the rounds at some point this summer and features the new hope for the offense, 18-year old Tate Forcier. (HT: The Wolverine Blog)