Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Tigers' Alanis Morissette Moment

Three years ago, the Detroit Tigers were on the outside fringes of a wild card race for the first time in forever. In the middle of a west coast swing, the Tigers made a trade deadline deal with Atlanta, sending one of their best pitchers, Kyle Farnsworth to the Braves in exchange for pitching prospects Roman Colon and Zach Miner. Many people in the Detroit area saw it as a sign that the Tigers were throwing in the towel and were preparing for the next season. The Tigers proceeded to go 21-38 after Farnsworth left, and manager Alan Trammell and his staff was let go.

Now the Tigers are on the fringe of a wild card race and trade future Hall of Famer Pudge Rodriguez to the Yankees for reliever Farnsworth to help shore up the bullpen. They are 0-5 since he arrived.

Wouldn't it be ironic if Farnsworth ends up being involved in two seperate trades that torpedoed two different Tiger seasons?