Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Golden Rankings, Week 6

Explanation of ranking system is here. Differences between my version and Golden's are explained here. Golden's rankings for Week Six are here.

-Note that Opponents Wins are only counted for teams that are beaten. For example, Illinois does not get credit for Missouri's wins, only for the wins of the teams they beat. Likewise Opponent Losses only count for teams that are lost to. None of the top teams have opponent losses because they haven't lost any games.
-Top riser this week were North Carolina who jumped 56 spots after their win over Miami. Among the top 40, top riser was Boise State who won 58-0 over New Mexico State and keeps getting points from Wyoming. The biggest drop among the top teams? Not surprisingly, USC's shocking loss to Stanford cost them 39 spots.
-Margin of victory and defeat bonuses and penalties are starting to take effect, along with road win and home loss points, so expect to see some big jumps one way or another in Pts / game.
-Top match ups this coming week: #1 LSU at #14 Kentucky; #3 Missouri at #36 Oklahoma; #31 Southern Illinois at #13 Northern Iowa; and #33 Drake at #22 San Diego
-Meanwhile on the other end, the ultimate loser-takes-all battle as #242 La Salle visits #224 Marist. With the MAAC conference folding up shop after this year, it is entirely possible that both of these programs do the same and this is the last time these two titans meet.

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