Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Actual Rankings

So the whole idea behind this blog was to provide a place to post the modified Golden rankings. So two months after we start we finally have some rankings to post.
For an overview of the rankings, check out Golden's explanation of his system. My version of the system differs only in its handling of FCS divsion teams. His system does not count games against FCS teams unless the FBS team loses. Last year I treated all FCS teams the same. A win by an FBS team resulted in a one point win with no added bonuses, a loss counted as a loss to ten loss team with 40 opponents' losses. While I expected it to affect those teams that lost to FCS teams, what I didn't realize is that it would affect the top teams. My final regular season rankings had OSU #1, Michigan #2, Florida #3. His system had Florida #1. The reason, he didn't count the Florida win over FCS Western Carolina, whereas I counted it as a one point win. The extra low scoring win brought Florida's average score down enough to drop them two spots.
We discussed this over the summer, trying to determine the best way to deal with this issue. I decided to try a season where I included all Division 1 teams and treated all teams the same. Division II teams are treated the same way FCS teams were last year.
So without further ado, the conference rankings after three weeks: