Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Piling On

I didn't really set out this blog to be a link fest, I've always figured that most of what I might link you could find on your own. But what the heck, there's nothing like the sweet elixir of a beat down of Notre Dame to help salvage what was quickly becoming a lost season.

First Hoover Street Rag presents what is soon to become the new Notre Dame fight song: Yakety Sax (or in this case, Yakety Sacks)

-Next comes an article from the South Bend Tribune suggests that this mess of a season is directly related to Weis' arrogance and his inability to see what is obvious to everyone else.
-A Chicago sport fan's blog, Foul Balls takes Charlie to task and lets loose with a number of zingers.

I can hear Weis' defenders: "But he's had to replace all the key offensive positions."
So what? He's been at Notre Dame for three years. Three years to recruit and train in anticipation of this very season. Three years to create a team in his own image and he puts together an offensive line a Pop Warner team could pick apart?
Oh my God, maybe he has created a team in his own image.

-Of course, MGoBlog eviscerates the Irish and Weis in particular, recalling a quote from one of Weis' first press conferences:

"They're going to have to learn about us, OK? Let them try to stop a pro-style offense, which has multiple personnel groups and multiple formations. Let's see how they are going to do. They've had their advantage because I've come into recruiting late. Well, now it's Xs and Os time. Let's see who has the advantage now."

Weis is so consumed with his own playcalling brillance, that he ignores the things that will actually make his players better. MGoBlog also points out that ND's starting O-line has as much experience and similar recruiting rankings as Michigan's. It's not Willingham's recruiting that's killing the Irish, it's Weis' unwillingness or inability to teach the most basic fundamentals of the game.
-Irish blog Blue-Gray Sky notes that Weis used 9 different offensive line combinations in Notre Dame's 13 possessions, and only one lineman dressed for the game and didn't play. While you could argue that the coaching staff was looking for a combination that worked, perhaps a little more patience would help.
-According to the blog, Rumors and Rants, the moderators over at the rivals.com site, Irish Illustrated feel that Charlie Weis has already lost this year's team and runs the risk of losing the team permanantly. (HT:Mgoblog)
-Even the loonies at NDNation are starting to doubt the myth of Charlie Weis, super genius.
-Perhaps the biggest statement on the state of ND's demise was the quiet after the game. There was little of the jubilation of last year, less of the chants mocking Notre Dame than there were in 2003. Part of it was a sense of relief for Michigan fans who had to endure a lifetime of jokes the last two weeks. But, I think part of it was Michigan fans feeling sorry for Notre Dame fans. Pity for Irish fans?!? What's next, Irish fans booing the team? If things don't improve, it will come soon.