Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Golden Rankings, week 4

Explanation of the Golden Ranking system can be found here. My slight modifications to this system are here.

The team rankings for Week 4:

-Not many surprises at the top of the poll, with LSU, OSU, USC and Wisconsin all undefeated against competition that has done well in its other games. LSU and USC are particularly impressive. One of the LSU opponents, Middle Tennessee has no wins yet, the other three are all 3-1, with two of them, South Carolina and Virginia Tech ranked.
-Missouri is a little bit of surprise, but their opponents from the land of lincoln, Illinois and Illinois State are both 3-1.
-Notre Dame, as you might guess, is near the bottom of the rankings, with Temple and a few Sun Belt schools the only FBS schools below it. This is what happens when you are 0-4 against teams that are 6-6 in their other games, with their only victims other than each other are UAB, FIU, Pitt, Buffalo, Bowling Green, and Samford. But fear not, things are going to get better for the Irish. There next four opponents are 15-1, so even if the lose all of those games, they won't get punished as much in the rankings, and might even move up.
-The top movers this week were Princeton, who moved up 103 spots after beating Lafayette by 6, and Iona who fell 135 spots after losing their first game of the year to Division II Western Connecticut.
-The top match ups next week include #8 UMass at #11 Boston College, #18 Michigan State at #4Wisconsin and #22 California at #13 Oregon. Expect to see the winners of those three games in the top 10 next week.

Conference Rankings are as follows:

-Bear with me here, I'm still trying to figure out the best way to post these to the blog. If anybody has any technical suggestions, please feel free to offer them.