Monday, November 29, 2010

Golden Rankings, Week 13

Top Riser from last week (FBS) - Minnesota, up 23 spots with a Floyd of Rosedale win over free-fallin' Iowa
Biggest Loser (FBS): UL-Monroe, down 25 with a one point loss to rival UL-Lafayette.
Top Riser (FCS) : Western Illinois, up 19
Biggest Loser (FCS): Alabama State, down 30
Toughest Schedule (FBS): Notre Dame, Opponent average place in the rankings - 53.67
Weakest Schedule (FBS): Middle Tennessee 171.18
Toughest Schedule (FCS): Villanova 112.64
Weakest Schedule (FCS): Liberty 189.64

The Big 12 jumps ahead of the SEC in conference rankings: