Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Golden Rankings, week 8

Rankings for this week:

As was to be expected, the two winners in the big showdowns last week, Auburn and Missouri find themselves at the top of the heap, followed closely by three of the other five remaining unbeaten FBS teams. Interestingly enough, Oregon, who I think most people feel is the best team in the county is a few places back, due to their weak schedule so far. They've only played one team with a winning record, Stanford. A win at 5-2 USC might help their case a little bit this week.

Top Riser from last week (FBS) - Clemson, up 35 places with a win over Georgia Tech
Biggest Loser (FBS): Texas, down 35 after a dismal loss to Iowa State
Top Riser (FCS) : Arkansas Pine-Bluff, up 52
Biggest Loser (FCS): Colgate, down 46
Toughest Schedule (FBS): Washington State, Opponent average place in the rankings - 45.25
Weakest Schedule (FBS): UTEP, 161.25
Toughest Schedule (FCS): Sacramento State 91.83
Weakest Schedule (FCS): Hampton 191.83

Conference rankings show the Big 12 leading the way with the Big Ten and SEC swapping second and third place: