Thursday, September 30, 2010

Golden Rankings, Conference Standings

Still to early to debut the Golden Rankings for this season, but just like Golden did, we reveal the conference standings:

Yikes, how bad has it gotten for the Big East? They are just a hair ahead of the Ivy league and are behind the Colonial. Maybe Villanova will want to stay in the better league.

Also wanted to present something new for the rankings this year. This year instead of just entering the margin of victory for each game, I'm entering each team's score. This allows me to keep track of team's average points scored and allowed per game, and also allows me to track how teams do against their opponents averages. This is a somewhat useful metric, as it allows you to take strength of the opposition teams. If two teams are both averaging 30 points per game, but one is doing it against teams that only give up 20 per game, and the other is doing it against teams that give up 35 per game, the first team would appear to be the better offensive team. So here are the top ten offenses in the country, as measured by the amount of points per game they score over what their opponents give up on average:

1) Ohio State 19.9
2) Oklahoma State 19.3
3) Stanford 18.3
4) Oregon 18.3
t5) TCU 17.8
t5) Houston 17.8
7) Nevada 15.8
8) Texas A&M 15.5
t9) Stephen F Austin 15.1
t9) Appalachian State 15.1

Of course, it's still early in the season, but its interesting to see to FCS teams on this list, especially one that's played an FBS team (SFA lost to Texas A&M 48-7 in the opener). Also interesting to note that several of these teams square off this week (OK State vs A&M tonight, Stanford vs the Ducks Saturday night).

Next week we'll look at some defensive numbers.