Monday, September 7, 2009

Out of Town Scoreboard

Some thoughts on other games over the weekend:

-Why on earth would Ohio State schedule Navy the week before USC, without a tune-up game in between? Perhaps it will work to their benefit this week, but my guess it will just beat them up for the big game this week. I wouldn't be surprised to see a repeat of last years USC domination.
-Ron Zook seems to have returned Illinois to the level they were at before he got there: wildly inconsistent and terribly disappointing on a regular basis. Missouri was supposed to be rebuilding this year, with only four starters back on defense, and a new skill position players on offense. The Illini made them look like national championship contenders.
-Maybe Dan Hawkins should consider coaching the intramural team.
-I wonder if Keith Nichol is kicking himself now. With Bradford's injury, he could be starting for a top five team now, instead of being a backup on a mid-level Big Ten team.
-Georgia's loss and LSU struggle against a team that was 0-12 last year illustrates why I've always felt the SEC "dominance" is overrated. Accumulated miles have a huge effect on college teams, and SEC teams rarely travel outside of their conference footprint.
-FBS teams went 34-3 against FCS teams this weekend. 2 of the 3 losses came from ACC teams. Duke lost to Richmond, the defending FCS national champion, and Virginia lost to William & mary, who was 7-4 last year. If Al Groh's job wasn't in danger before, it probably is now. With the Miami / FSU game to come tomorrow, the ACC is 4-6 on the opening weekend. Looks like another year of somewhat mediocre football from the nation's best basketball league.
-Watching the Tulsa / Tulane game Friday night (yes, I'm an addict), it occurred to me that a 2 for 1 scheduling deal with Tulane wouldn't be the worst thing for Michigan's future schedules. Tulane would be a step up from FCS teams, they only draw a few thousand fans to their home games in the Superdome, and Michigan fans might be able to fill many of those empty seats. Besides, I know someone who could get me tickets to that game ;-)