Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Adjustments and a final bracket

I increased the bonus for beating a top 50 team and the penalty for losing to a below 200 team. I also increased the road win bonus and home loss penalty. Final ranking (minus the Big Ten championship, which is still ongoing) is up. I also posted the final bracket.
Before anyone pipes up, I offer my critique of my own bracket. Remember my bracket is just a reflection of the rankings, and not an opinion of who should be in, or an attempt to recreate the process that the actual selection committee goes through.

Teams that are in my bracket, but don't belong in the Dance:
Texas A&M
San Diego State

Teams that are out that should be in:
Boston College
Davidson (I just want to see Curry play some more)

Teams that are ranked too high:
MSU (should be a 2)
Duke (2/3)
Gonzaga (5/6)
Utah State (8/9)
Xavier (4/5)

Teams ranked too low:
North Carolina (1)
Louisville (1)
Memphis (2/1)
Florida State (4/5)
UCLA (5/6)