Sunday, December 21, 2008

Roundball Rankings, Dec 22

Not a lot of change in the top ten from last week, with only one team, Syracuse, who lost at home to Cleveland State falling out of the top ten. Clemson strengthened their place on top with a Sunday blowout at Miami. The top of the rankings are dominated by the ACC (5 teams), the Big East (6 teams), and the Big Ten (6 teams).

Top Riser -- Robert Morris, up 58 places
Biggest Faller -- Portland, down 75 places
Toughest Schedule -- Jacksonville, opponent average 87.75 place
Easiest Schedule -- Tennessee State, 254.14

In the conference rankings, the top 4 reamin unchanged, with the Pac 10 and SEC flip flopping at 4 and 5 and well behind the top 4. Despite an excellent saturday by the Big Ten (wins over Texas, Lousiville, and Davidson), the ACC still expanded their lead. On the other end, the SWAC has been quite impressive in their putridness. They have three winless teams and no one with more than 3 wins. Combined they are 14-87, despite playing 13 games against Division II and NAIA teams.