Sunday, November 23, 2008


Cue Jim Mora.

With the final FCS games completed yesterday, we can now project the FCS brackets, based on the modified Golden Rankings
A few disclaimers:
-I'm pretty sure the NCAA doesn't seed the teams 1 through 16, just seeds the top four teams, and moves the rest of the teams around to minimize travel time. I didn't do that.
-I moved teams around so they avoid first round matchups with inter-conference foes.
-Automoatic Bids are listed with their conference

#16 Colgate (Patriot) at #1 James Madison (Colonial)
#9 Richmond at #8 Southern Illinois (Missouri Valley)

#13 Weber State (Big Sky) at #4 Villanova
#12 South Carolina State (MEAC) at #5 Northern Iowa

#14 Central Arkansas (Southland) at #3 Montana
#11 Maine at #6 Wofford

#10 New Hampshire at #7 Cal Poly
#15 Eastern Kentucky (Ohio Valley) vs #2 Appalachian State (Southern)

We'll see how accurate these turn out to be. Announcement comes later today. There's a Big East game tonight, so the total rankings will come out tommorrow. I'll also post some thoughts on the weekend's games (ugh)