Sunday, November 30, 2008

Golden Rankings, Week 14

Texas remains at Number One, despite Oklahoma's impressive win over Oklahoma State. Although the Sooners got a big boost from their Bedlam win, jumping up from #4 to #2, the Horns got extra points from the same game, and got a boost when Kansas won their seventh game, and Rice won their 8th. Utah dropped, as expected, because neither them nor any of their opponents played.

Not as much movement, with over half the teams done with their season. Most of FCS is done, so the top movers in both directions were playoff participants.
Top Riser (FBS): Kansas, up 18 places
Biggest Loser (FBS): Buffalo, down 21
Top Riser (FCS) : New Hampshire, up 11
Biggest Loser (FCS): Cal Poly, down 24
Toughest Schedule (FBS): Duke, Opponent average - 44.58
Weakest Schedule (FBS): Ball State, 132.75
Toughest Schedule (FCS): Delaware, 98.55
Weakest Schedule (FCS): Bryant, 191.89

In the conference rankings, the ACC jumped ahead of both the SEC and the Big 12 on the strength of a 3-1 weekend against bowl bound SEC teams. As noted here before, the ACC may not have any dominant teams, but they don't really have any bad teams either. The top four teams in schedule strength are ACC teams.