Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Golden Rankings, Week 13

Texas remains #1, despite Utah's win over BYU and Oklahoma's destruction of Texas Tech. The reason is schedule strength. Unlike most of the other top contenders, the Longhorns didn't play an FCS team this year, and don't have the coresponding low point game. Looking ahead, an OU win over Ok STate, or Alabama win over Florida are likely to move them into the top two positions, ahead of Texas, who will suffer a hit, even if they destroy A&M, and Utah, who is done with their season.

Top Riser (FBS) - Tennessee, up 30 places
Biggest Loser (FBS): Notre Dame, down 26
Top Riser (FCS) : Jacksonville, up 22
Biggest Loser (FCS): Lafayette, down 41
Toughest Schedule (FBS): Duke, Opponent average - 49.82
Weakest Schedule (FBS): Ball State, 139.73
Toughest Schedule (FCS): Delaware, 98.91
Weakest Schedule (FCS): Sacred Heart, 192.78

Conference Rankings: