Thursday, November 6, 2008

Golden Rankings, Week 10

In all the election excitement, we forgot to post the rankings for this week. To make up for that, I've included the results from an assortment of mid-week MAC games. Texas stays number one, despite their loss, but the Red Raiders jump 5 spots and are breathing down their necks.

Top Riser (FBS) - Arkansas, up 39 places
Top Faller (FBS): Louisville, down 35 places
Top Riser (FCS) : Sam Houston State, up 28 places
Top Faller (FCS): Hampton, down 66 places
Toughest Schedule (FBS): Duke, Opponent average - 35th in rankings
Weakest Schedule (FBS): Louisiana - Lafayette, 138.87
Toughest Schedule (FCS): Chattanooga, 86.25
Weakest Schedule (FCS): Sacred Heart, 206.14

Conference Rankings offered without comment: