Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Additional thoughts on last weekend

In no particular order:

-I think we've seen the last of Carson Butler as a starter. I'm guessing he didn't play in the game due to discipline reasons arising from his getting tossed out of the game in South Bend. Kevin Koger's emergence towards the end of the game might be just what Rich Rod needs to bench Butler for good.
-Mike Martin is going to be a beast. I've always liked to watch the D-line with by binoculars during the game, and he was just destroying double teams of a fairly good oline.
-Finally saw a crossing route from Odoms in this game. I would like to see more of this. I think it backs the linebackers out a little bit and makes the bubble screen and the zone read that much more effective.
-Bielema must really be kicking himself for not playing Travis Beckum the entire game. Despite his gaffe on the 2-pt conversion (he was the one who lined up wrong causing the illegal man down field penalty), he brings a dimension to this offense that was sorely missing. I'm guessing if he plays, they score more than 19 points in the first half.
-I know a loss like this is tough to take, but I don't think it really changes the season outlook for the Badgers. I still think the make the Rose Bowl if they run the table, there is no way Michigan escapes without a couple of losses. I don't think they had a reasonable shot at a national title, even if they were undefeated. This loss only means something if they can't rebound from it this week.
-This is getting to be pattern for USC: Finish with the top recruiting class in the nation, with twice as many 5-star players as the next team. Have more players drafted into the NFL than anybody else. Start the year ranked number one, or very close to it. Win a couple early non-conference games in impressive fashion. Become the unanimous number one team. Lose to a shitty Pac 10 team that has no business coming within four touchdowns of you. Win out, and watch some SEC team beat OSU in the championship game, when everyone in the country knows you are the best team in the country. Finish the year by beating an over matched Big Ten team in the Rose Bowl. Have all the pundits proclaim you as the team to beat for the next year. Rinse, rather, repeat.
-I never really thought Nick Saban was a good as everyone made him out to be. His teams at MSU were only slightly over .500 before his last year, his five year record there was only a couple games better than the first five years of his predecessor. I think he got somewhat lucky at LSU in that he got to play a national championship game against the #3 team, instead of the #1 USC. He was awful with the Dolphins. I always thought he was a good coach, but not the walk on water type he was portrayed as. I must admit, I am impressed with what is doing at Alabama this year. We'll see if they can keep it up, but if they do win the SEC west, I take back the negative things I've said about him in the past, except the part about him being the Larry Brown of college football.
-I'm not buying this Penn State Spread HD thing. Wait until they play a defense with a pulse.
-I hope that the BYU/Utah, BYU/TCU, and Utah/TCU all get the national TV audiences they deserve.