Thursday, August 28, 2008

Passing the Torch

Things I'll Miss:
- The comfort of knowing what the first play will be. Like that old version of Madden you still play every once in a while, even though the graphics and computer AI are hopeless outdated, because you know the offense backwards and forwards.
- The pro-style quarterback who can throw a tomato through a brick wall if you need him to
- A four-yard Mike Hart run that really should have been a two yard loss
- The waggle
- Erik Campbell, Ron English, and Scott Loeffler
- A coach who breaks the stereotype of coaches as glorified gym teachers by quoting Kipling in press conferences or talking about the Man of La Mancha with his team.
- The Lloyd Carr scoring offense that came out when we were down late or against high scoring opponents
- The Rasputin-like quality of Lloyd Carr teams

Things I won't miss:
- Punting on 4th and one from the opponents 38 while up by four points with 2:30 to go in the fourth.
- The frustration of knowing that not only do you know what play is coming, so do the defenders. Like trying to run the plays from that old Madden game in the new, more complex and realistic game.
- The shuffling fullback that tipped off the already predictable play
- The blocking TE that never catches any passes
- A lack of halftime adjustments
- An aversion to trying any new wrinkles in big games
- Andy Moeller, Mike Debord, and Mike Gittleson
- Fort Schembechler and press conferences that contain no new information
- The Lloyd Carr ball control offense, and the fact that we almost never saw the scoring offense
- Mediocre special teams