Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Catching up with the Michigan Blogosphere

1) M Zone says goodbye, so long, and thanks for all the fish. They will be missed. How else are we going to keep Colin Cowherd in line? I moved them down from Daily Reads. Our source for BBall recruiting news, UMHoops, takes their place.

2)Ronald Bellamy's Underachieving All-Stars returns with great post about setting up an interview with Lloyd Carr that highlights all the things we loved the most about our former coach. Hopefully RBUAS will find a contact in the new regieme and will be able to continue his excellent work. I've returned him to the Other Fine Sites to See list.

3) Brian from MGoBlog writes of any interesting court case involving Duke football @ AOL Fan House. To summarize, in order to avoid damages for breaking their four game contract to play Louisville lawyers for Duke had to argue that Duke football is so bad that Louisville wasn't really harmed by not playing them, since any college team they pick up will be a suitable replacement. Apart from being really funny for North Carolina fans and all others who dislike Duke football, this case does have some implications in the Rich Rod vs WVU case. Now I'm no lawyer, but my understanding of the case is that in order to prove that Rod's departure has caused them damage equal to $4 million dollars, WVU lawyers will have to prove that his replacement is significantly worse. Just about every 'Neer fan alive will be rooting for an undefeated season for WVU and a crash and burn for Michigan, but it might be in their interest for the opposite to happen.

4) A Michigan blog with large type called Go Blue Michigan Wolverine (not apparently related to the Scout site of similar name) posts a interesting article about academic support for the athletes. The upshot, despite publicly rejecting the conclusions of the infamous Ann Arbor News report, the AD appears to be taking steps to shore up some of the issues raised in that investigation.

5)Finally, Fingerle Lumber has put their 7 acre site in AA up for sale for $21.95 million. Why is that relevant to sports fans? Fingerle's site is just to the north of the athletic campus and there have been some rumors around town that the university is looking to purchase that land to possibly expand the campus. Perhaps some more athletic facilities, or possibly even a new dorm.

Oh, one more thing, I added a section with non-sports sites. Mostly friends' blogs, but I will put a few other things there from time to time.