Thursday, January 3, 2008

Roundball Rankings

With the CFB season winding down, and before we get really wrapped up in recruiting, this seems like a good time to debut the Golden Basketball rankings for the season.

The Golden BB rankings are similar to the football rankings in that teams get credit for each win, loses points for each loss, gets points for each win a defeated opponent and each opponent's opponent wins, and loses points for each loss of a team that beat them, and each opponents' opponents' losses. There are also bonuses for excessive victory margin and penalties for large defeats. One big difference between the football rankings and the basketball rankings is how road and home wins and loses are treated. The football rankings gives 1 point for each loss, penalizes 1 point for each loss, and awards road win bonuses and has home loss penalties. The basketball rankings mirrors what the NCAA's RPI rankings do an award 1.4 points for each road win, and 0.6 points for each home win. The loss penalties are reversed, 1.4 of home, 0.6 for road. Neutral site games are one point each way. I have tried to list all games not played at one of the two teams main home court as neutral site games. This includes some games at one-sided neutral site games, like a Kansas game in KC, or an MSU game in Detroit.

Team Rankings as of 12/31 are listed below:

Conference Rankings: