Sunday, January 13, 2008

Meet the new coaches

Our new strength and conditioning coach is a little crazy. Not notre dame internet fan base crazy, more like Matthew Lesko after twenty cups of coffee.
New Michigan Strength Coach Mike Barwis

Couple of things I love about this video:
-No misunderstanding this guy's message. Players will know exactly where they stand
-"Coach, I'm 310 pounds. Well son, if you can't handle this, you're too fat, and we're gonna change this."
-They are going to take a whole body approach to conditioning. That is, they will monitor a player's diet and his offseason training regiment. This isn't just a weightlifting coach, he is like a personal trainer for all 85 members of the team.
-He mentioned something about them making him the highest paid S&C coach in the country. I like that we are finally taking this aspect seriously.
-He clearly is very loyal to Rich Rod. This can only help team and staff unity. Of course, if Rodriguez ever leaves, we'll lose this guy also.
-Finally, I love the shot of Drew Sharpe eating towards the end of the video. All the other journalists are getting quotes, asking questions, while Evil Drew is just stuffing his face. That's the sort of journalistic integrity we come to expect out of you, Drew.

- I'm not the only one impressed by Barwis, check out this article from the Times West Virginian, where they suggest that Barwis, and not Rodriguez is the coach the 'Neers will miss the most.

Other Observations and Notes:
-Can we once and for all stop with the ridiculous Peyton Manning / Tom Brady comparisons? Manning is a great QB, probably a Hall of Famer. But Brady is one of the five best of all time. Manning, for the first time sunday, had to try and win a playoff game without Marvin Harrison, and he couldn't get it done. Brady's game on saturday was his first with any receiver the caliber of Harrison, and he is 13-2 with a 62.5% completion percentage, 23 TDs and 9 Ints. If the Pats had resigned Deion Branch prior to last last year, they would have beaten the Colts, and Peyton would still have that huge monkey on his back.
-The Packers / Seahawks game was a thing of beauty. Football was meant to be played in the snow. That's why southern football will always be inherently inferior to northern football (just kidding...sorta ;-)
-TO is just a little emotional sometimes:

I think he just acts like a jilted lover when it comes to his relationships with his teammates. First he called Jeff Garcia gay after he left San Francisco. Then he got into a war of words with Ray Lewis, who was almost a teammate. When he was in Philly, his relationship with Donovan McNabb had more ups and downs than the Coney Island Cyclone. Finally, he sounded like a jealous teenager making jokes about Romo's girlfriend, Jessica Simpson. When are teams going to learn that this guy is a cancer and will eventually torpedo your team.
-Looking back on it, I find it highly ironic that the BCS championship game was the most boring LSU game of the year. No trick plays, no last minute drama, no double overtimes. It was very disappointing.
-This is just too funny. That's higher education for you. Reminds me of an old joke:
"Question: What do you get if you combine an Ohio State student and a third grader?
Answer: A dumber third grader"