Friday, October 5, 2007

Golden Rankings, Week 5

These rankings are as of last Saturday's games:

-The top riser this week was Florida A&M that won its second straight game, this time a squeaker over Tennessee State. Among the top 40 teams, the top riser was Kansas State. The biggest fall in the top 40 went to Florida, overall big loser was Brown, who lost to previously winless Rhode Island.
-Top 40 match-ups this week include tonight's #1 Kentucky vs #22 South Carolina, #2 LSU vs #38 Florida, #4 Wisconsin at #14 Illinois, #6 Missouri vs #25 Nebraska, #8 OSU at #15 Purdue, and #23 Kansas at #27 Kansas State.
-The Big East took a big hit this week, with Rutgers, Pitt and Syracuse all losing out of conference games. They drop to #3. Full conference rankings below.