Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sound and Fury

With apologies to William Faulkner, thoughts about the this weekend's games.

-I found the Georgia reaction to their first touchdowns to be one of the most classless things I've seen this year. I generally think that people make too much of a big deal over post game celebrations. Who cares who planted what flag where? But to orchestrate an in-game celebration is ridiculous. I found it especially surprising given Mark Richt's reaction to his team's post-game celebrationagainst Vanderbilt. Considering how crazy people went over TO's Sharpee or the Joe Horn cell phone, I'm surprised more people haven't called out Richt for this. The Bulldogs are lucky they weren't playing in the Orange Bowl, or they might not have made it of the game alive.
-Speaking of the SEC East, this is starting to look like the year that the entire division goes 4-4. Tennessee is the only team that controls it's own destiny, but would anyone be surprised if they lost 2 out of their final three to Arkansas, Vandy, and Kentucky. I'm not sure I'd pick the Vols to beat any of the other SEC East teams on a neutral field, with the possible exception of Vandy.
-Not much to take from our game against perhaps the worst BCS conference team in the country with our backup QB and backup running backs, other than the fact that watching Mallet play a couple of games makes me appreciate Chad Henne even more.
-I get the feeling that with all the injuries, we really haven't seen a complete game from our offense. I hope we get one or two in the next three games.
-One of the downsides to the zone rushing attack is that we don't run as many screen plays as we used to. I think that a screen or swing pass to get Brown or Minor on the edge could be really effective.
-Ohio State looked scary good, especially on offense. Granted that Penn State isn't a top ten team, but they looked like they could name their score. The good news is that the OSU defense looked like it could be run on a little.
-All other considerations aside, I would love to see an Oregon - West Virginia championship game. That's the type of game that could be 55-50 at the half. If you thought the Boise / OU Fiesta bowl last year was fun, you ain't seen nothing yet.
-The reason why Hawaii shouldn't be in the BCS? They are 8-0 right now. Their 8 opponents to date have a grand total of 17 wins this year. This is after they beat 4-4 New Mexico State this week. Kansas and Ohio State, who have both been accused of having played no one this year have opponents with 30 and 37 wins respectively. Hawaii closes the year with 5-3 Fresno State, 4-4 Nevada, 2-6 Washington, and 7-1 Boise State, so the schedule gets a little tougher, but do they deserve a shot over an at-large BCS team?
-Bad news for Notre Dame haters, they streak over Navy just might continue. Sure this is an historically bad Irish team, but Navy just lost at home to Delaware 59-52. Of course, if a I-AA team scores 59 on Navy, Notre Dame should score a ton right? Now, if Notre Dame loses, not only do they lose to Navy for the first time since the Johnson administration, they lose their second game of the year to a team that lost at home to a I-AA (sorry FCS) team.
-New rankings are posted: South Florida stays near the top despite their second straight loss. USC drops off the table down to #73. Top riser and top faller among the top50 are both from the ACC, Clemson who beat Maryland on the road to jump to #27, and Virginia who lost to NC State and fell to #37. Big match up this week is #8 Arizona State at #6 Oregon.
-Would someone please tell the CUSA to stop with the Sunday night games. I've gotten used to the Thursday and Friday games, and have actually gotten to the point where I enjoy the chance to see the atmosphere at a place that normally doesn't get the limelight. But Sunday? The CFB weekend should end the moment the NFL starts.