Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Our eyes were upon Texas...

and they didn't fare to well.

A recap of our Longhorn football experience:
After listening to the audio feed from the UofM website for the first half of the UM/Northwestern game, we decided not to go watch the game at one of Austin's finer drinking establishments. Something about watching Mike Debord continually bang his head on the wall in an attempt to break through to the other side when there is a door two feet to the left didn't appeal to us, so we decided to skip going to the bar to watch the Michigan game, and instead grabbed some cheap tex-mex, shot a few games of pool at the local pool hall and then headed down to game. We parked on Guadalupe, which is that sort of street that marks the edge of campus and the start of the retail sector on almost every big campus. We walked through the campus with a scattering of fans heading to the game. We passed the infamous Texas Tower, and the very nice Littlefield Fountain, which looked like it could be a great site for a celebratory swim after a big UT win. The north end of the stadium is under construction, but it still an impressive sight, standing several stories taller than the other campus buildings it is next to.
-We didn't see many tailgaters, but I think we approached the stadium on the wrong side. Most of the tailgating takes place on the I-35 side of the campus. We decided to do a lap of the stadium before we took our seats. Texas fans definitely get points for their colors. Everyone was wearing burnt orange. The south side of the stadium was a little more crowded, but it still seemed like a somewhat muted atmosphere. Very little chanting or singing, even near the student entrance.
-Vince Young was at the game. I overheard more than a couple Longhorn fans saying some version of, "VY is in the house, we can't lose", even after they fell behind by 20. Just about the only non-Texas gear I saw were Titan #10 jerseys. That guy will never have to buy a beer in Texas again.
-Our seats were pretty good, near the goal line in the lower level of the western sideline. We were right next to the construction they are doing in the north end zone and the KSU fans on the other side of the construction. I was surprised to see that there were some empty seats along the eastern sideline.
-Overall I was not impressed by the Texas fans. They did a good job at singing the fight song, and got loud when the scoreboard told them to, but as for general rowdiness, they just didn't have it. If Michigan has a symphony crowd, Texas has a library crowd. The students were pretty non-descript, I couldn't even tell where they were sitting. The biggest cheer of the game came when they announced that Oklahoma had lost.
-They have a ridiculously large video board they call Godzillatron. With the somewhat tame crowd, at times like it seemed like we were watching the game at home.
-Unfortunately it started to really pour at halftime, so we sought some shelter and didn't get to see the band show.
-The rain let up in the second half, but came back in the fourth quarter as K-State was putting the game away. This caused a majority of the Longhorn fans to flee the scene.
-The Longhorn team was equally unimpressive: Four INTs and a couple more passes that should have been picked for Colt McCoy, Horrible special teams play, and a defense that got little to no penetration all day. They were completely dominated. The post game shows sounded very similar to the ones in Michigan at the start of the season. Everyone want to blame the coaches, especially the offensive coordinator. Burnt Orange Nation breaks this down a little further.
-Overall it was a fun experience, despite the outcome and the rain. I would love to see Michigan schedule a home and home with the Longhorns, just so I could return to DKR Stadium.