Sunday, July 29, 2007

An Introduction (of sorts)

Ok, so about a year ago I was asked by the creator of the Golden Football rankings to provide some occasional content to a new site he was putting together. As a lifelong southerner and an LSU fan, he wanted me to provide a midwestern, and specifically Michigan point of view on his general commentary on college football and other topics. So for the last year I have been sending my views on various sports topics of interest to the both of us and he has been posting them on his site. In addition, I have working with him to further refine his ranking system that he uses for college and pro football, and have developed a basketball equivalent.
So after a year, I feel it is time to strike out on my own. I frequently visit a number of Blogger sites and it looks simple enough (famous last words). Of course, I will refer back to the Golden Rankings site from time to time. I have no great illusions about approaching the level of many of the great college football blogs out there, but hopefully I will add something relevant and quasi-interesting to read to the collective consciousness that is the world wide web.