Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Top 10 Reasons Michigan belongs in the Title game over USC

June 19, 2008 Note: This is a post that originally appeared on Golden's Football Rankings and is reproduced here for posterity.

With apologies to David Letterman…
From the home office in Barberton, Ohio

10) “The Victors” is a better song than “Fight On”

9) Traveler won’t get along with OSU fans, he hates Pabst Blue Ribbon, and can’t stand the smell of Skoal

8) Against Notre Dame, Michigan scored more points (47-44), rushed for more yards (148-139), gave up fewer points (21-24), fewer total yards (273-404), fewer rushing yards (32-130), fewer passing yards (241-274), and forced more turnovers (5-1) on the road than USC did at home.

7) Space, bitches, Space

6)During the recent Notre Dame / USC game, Brent Musburger actually said that “The road to Glendale is paved with Trojans.” Apart from the obviously overstated hyperbole, which Brent seems to excel at, that is just a disgusting mental image.

5) Because Bo would have wanted it that way.

4) USC belongs in the Rose Bowl

3) Nobody cares about football in Los Angeles. At least not American football anyway. They’ll get more people at the Rose Bowl for the next Mexico / US “friendly” than they will for this weekend’s USC / UCLA tilt.

2) No second chance. USC had their shot at the championship, and they lost to Texas. They shouldn’t be voted in based on last year, or the year before.

1) Karma wise, the Trojans still owe Michigan for the phantom touchdown in the 1979 Rose Bowl.

(Florida? Pull-eez, no school that employed Ron Zook for more than 30 seconds deserves a title shot)